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Links with Information April 28, 2016

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Hello, ladies!

It’s been far too long since any of us VVSN moderators have made any updates to this blog. I apologize ! Hopefully most of you are on Facebook and have joined the VVSN page. Hundreds of women on that page are giving great advice & comfort. What a wonderful group we all are, working together!

I ran across a few links that have some recent developments and/or possible helpful bits of information. At least, slowly but surely, more is being done about this horrible condition. It’s still too early to know what specific causes exist, since all vulvas are different!  I hope  you find some helpful information from these links.


University of North Carolina School of Medicine:

Capsaicin for treating VVS?

Vulvar Vestibulits Relief – a website for support






3 Responses to “Links with Information”

  1. Shelby M. Says:

    Hi Julie – what is the name of the Facebook group? I’ve tried searched VVSN and Vulvar Vestibulitis Support Network on Facebook and haven’t found anything. I would love to speak to other women suffering! Thank you.

  2. bonniegross Says:


    I recently just had surgery for VVS and struggled finding support! I’d love to write on here and share my stories, is that possible? Always glad to see people talk about this and find other who are going through the same struggle!! -Bonnie

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