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the chronicle of broken Vaginas, what we've done to try and fix them, and how we plan to save the World

Vagina Updates October 2, 2007

Latest news:

We will soon be finishing our business cards and NVVO brochures. I am going to set up a landline (or is it LAN line??) at my new apartment when I move on Oct 12. It will be our official NVVO phone, woo woo! Katie E is totally awesome, helping me figure out this Blog site stuff. Katie S is in New York, and WOW what an experience for her! She’ll miss the Siren Nation event though. 😦  Sarah…where is Sarah? She’s been busy with the paperwork and filings for our group. I’m discussing our brochure layout with my friend Sara who is a graphic designer. Gotta get this stuff squared away! And once the basics are done (registered everywhere we are supposed to be, getting business cards and brochures, etc)…we will be ROLLIN’!! 

This is absolutely fantastic. We are gonna make a difference. We already are, actually!