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VVS on ABC’s Private Practice! October 16, 2007

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Can we have more acronyms? So yeah, like VVS was totally on the new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practice. Let’s dissect it now, shall we?

  • They used correct terminology! 🙂
  • They said vagina on TV 🙂
  • They fixed the problem in one hour 😦
  • She only started experiencing pain when she started having sex? 😦

Overall not too shabby. I definitely think all of our vaginas can agree that the problem cannot be solved so easily. It’s probably half and half of women who start to experience VVS with or without sex. That is my very personal-experience-nonscientific poll.

If you missed it you can go to and they have all of their episodes online for free. FREE!

 I’d have to say this was better than the Sex in the City reference, where Charlotte (I think it was Charlotte) talked about it for one episode and then mysteriously never mentioned it again. With an ongoing character arc like that they had a real opportunity to delve into it and they passed it up. They went into Miranda’s husband’s ball problem for crying out loud!