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Clinical Trial Seeking Women in AZ, CA, DC, PA & NY September 22, 2012

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Research Study to Evaluate a
Novel Vulvar Cream Containing Cutaneous Lysate for Provoked Vestibulodynia

Women between the ages of 20 and 55 who are not pregnant or breastfeeding may be eligible to participate in this study. Women must experience pain with tampon insertion and/or intercourse that affects their sexual function, and practice a reliable form of birth control. Those with a history of diabetes, heart disease, HIV, hepatitis B or C, or menopause are not eligible. Women must be able to attend two clinic visits, plus two telephone interviews, and complete all questionnaires in English over the course of the 12-week study. The study cream and other related study tests will be provided at no cost.

Participating Centers:

The Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders (Washington, DC)
Contact Hillary Tolson
Principal Investigator: Andrew T. Goldstein, MD

Pelvic & Sexual Health Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
Contact Elizabeth Elias, CCRC
Principal Investigator: Kristene Whitmore, MD
Co-Investigator: Susan Kellogg-Spadt, PhD, PA-C

San Diego Sexual Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Contact Margaret Carr
Principal Investigator: Irwin Goldstein, MD

Arizona Vulva Clinic (Phoenix, AZ)
Contact Gabrielle Rodriguez
Principal Investigator: Joseph Brooks, MD

New York Center for Women’s Health Research (New York, NY)
Contact Lauren Pellegrino, WHNP-BE
Principal Investigator: Kenneth A. Levey, MD


Your Partner, Your VVS, and You April 1, 2008

I feel like having a partner and vvs is walking an extremely high, terribly thin tightrope. On one hand you want to provide for your partner in your relationship, sexually, emotionally, everyday functioning. However you shouldn’t compromise yourself to do this. If you are feeling particularly down you shouldn’t feel like you “need” to put your own needs aside to please your partner. Like giving blowjobs bc sex isn’t totally possible at the moment. But you don’t want to shut down from your partner 100%.

Unfortunately, just like everything else with vvs, there is no right answer. Every couple will have different issues/complexes surrounding their situation. Talk with your partner, how you feel, tell them about shutting down emotionally during this time. How do they feel about it? Tell them what would make you feel better. Ask them what would make them feel better. Tell them how they could help. (Even in little ways, like doing something with the kids so you can take a hot bath, or taking out the trash – little things like that add up.) Start small, baby steps are the key to making a relationship work with vvs. What is one thing you can do this week that will make one aspect a little better? And then continue the conversation. Update with each other on how it’s going, is it helping? What else would help? And continue baby stepping along.