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Provide Hope to Others by Sharing Your Story April 23, 2012

The NVA is looking for women who’d like to share their stories in future issues of our printed newsletter, NVA News. There are many different types of vulvodynia and no one treatment(s) works equally well for all women. As such, rather than detailing the specifics of the treatment(s) received, we wish to focus more generally on how receiving vulvodynia treatment has impacted women’s health and quality of life. Our goal in sharing these testimonials is to provide hope and encouragement to women during their treatment process.

Please limit your response (max of 750 words) to one or more of the following topics.

How has your journey in receiving treatment for vulvodynia improved your physical and emotional health, your overall quality of life and/or relationships with your partner, family members and friends?

What have you learned (in general and about yourself) through this process?

If your vulvar pain is not completely resolved with treatment, what coping mechanisms do you utilize to remain hopeful?

Are there any unexpected positives that you’ve gleaned through your journey?

Based on your experiences, what helpful/hopeful advice would you give to a woman who is newly diagnosed with vulvodynia and starting a treatment regimen?

Please send your submission to Cristina Shea by e-mail (

In your email, please state how you would like to be identified in the newsletter (e.g., anonymous, full name, first name and last initial only).

If you are willing to have your picture printed along with your story, please attach a high-quality photo of yourself to the e-mail.


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