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Suggestion…. June 13, 2010

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(this is from an email from NVA – this is not affiliated with us, VVSN….Julie)

Please Donate to NVA’s Research Fundraiser

NVA remains committed to accelerating vulvodynia research because it is the only way to determine its cause(s) and develop effective treatments. We have launched a major initiative, described below, to promote research on treatment efficacy. We hope that you will make a donation to support this groundbreaking effort – 100 percent of your tax-exempt gift will be used for this purpose.

Although over 20 treatments have been used to manage the painful symptoms of vulvodynia, only two have been rigorously tested. Women with vulvodynia typically try many untested treatments before they find one that alleviates pain. To remedy this situation, we need controlled clinical trials, therefore, NVA funded the first Vulvodynia Treatment Registry, which collects data on treatment effectiveness (for individual patients) and maintains a database of the results. Last month, NVA took this initiative one step further, asking researchers to submit proposals for creating a multi-center Vulvodynia Clinical Trial Network (VCTN). Based on data collected in the Registry, VCTN researchers will plan and execute large controlled trials on treatments that have shown promising results. The long-term goal of this ambitious project is to establish treatment guidelines based on scientific research rather than trial and error. This would ensure timely and appropriate treatment for all women with vulvodynia.

Visit NVA’s web site to make a secure online donation.

Alternately, you can mail your donation to:
PO Box 4491
Silver Spring, MD 20914

Thank you!


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