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Vulvodynia on Dr Oz Show! January 9, 2010

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This is what I received today via email from NVA:

Be sure to tune into The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, January 11th, when Dr. Oz will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of vulvodynia with Jennifer Ashton, MD, a New Jersey-based obstetrician- gynecologist and CBS News medical correspondent. The segment also features interviews with Lisa and Debbie, two vulvodynia sufferers, as well as with Christin Veasley, NVA’s associate executive director, and her husband Melvin.

Visit these sites to check your local listings:

http://www.doctoroz .com/sites/ default/files/ oz_wheretowatch. pdf

http://www.tvguide. com/Listings/ default.aspx

After the broadcast, please take a few minutes to visit the show’s web site and send a brief e-mail to Dr. Oz and the show’s producers. Let them know that you appreciate their coverage of this important women’s pain condition and that you’d like to see it covered again in the future. You may do so here: http://doctoroz. com/contact.

I think we all should watch the show and especially send feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



11 Responses to “Vulvodynia on Dr Oz Show!”

  1. Stephanie Pombrio Says:

    My daughter (age 20) just got diagnosed with vulvar. It’s really hard for us to deal with. She has finally been taking serious and we are seeing a specialist at our local hospital. Does anyone know if there was video on doctor oz. I searched and only the article is showing. I would have loved to watch this so that my daughter would know she is not the only one.

    • Dorian Says:

      I am 35 and for the last 5 months been stressful the burning is insane for weeks every one I seen kept saying yeast , BV , HIT you name it they told me they even said I had sensitive skin lol but now that I know I have vulvodynia the feeling is somewhat livable you not alone

  2. julieannpdx Says:

    I haven’t seen it, but my mom watched the actual show and said she was disappointed because they didn’t even delve into it very much – nothing to give much hope or info or treatments!! TERRIBLE!! I hope your daughter is doing ok. I encourage her to joing support groups online -yahoo has several that are very active and helpful. We have one but it’s based here in Portland Oregon and is a way for us locally to band together for face-to-face support. Please keep us posted on how she is doing! My heart goes out to her….do not give up hope! And if the specialist isn’t helping, don’t be afraid to find a different doctor!

  3. KellyD Says:

    My Mom told me about the Dr. Oz segment, so I too went on the website and I watched the video. I was very disappointed as well, as all the “treatments” they discussed were the treatments my ex-Doc put me on, all the while it felt like a wild goose chase and nothing worked. They didn’t even talk to a woman who has suffered or is suffering from VVS… clearly they didn’t want the real story told.

    As for me, I ended up using a surgeon in Baltimore Maryland and the vestibulectomy worked, I’m now pregnant with my first child. A girlfriend and I are working on forming a support group in Central Florida for women suffering from VVS and other similar conditions.

    • julieannpdx Says:

      CONGRATULATIONS! That is wonderful news – both about the surgery AND the pregnancy! Of course, not to mention you starting up a support group in your area! You are fantastic!!!!!
      Keep us posted with how you are doing.


      • Kel Nelson Says:

        Kelly D, are you located in Baltimore? I am looking for a good experienced surgeon and so few are mentioned. My ob/gyn has done 15 to 18 surgeries, but doesn’t like doing them and says not all are cured, and I would certainly like to find a surgeon that’s done thousands and knows what he’s doing.

        As for Goldstein, he sounds too much like he’s got a god complex and I can’t deal with those types of docs anymore at the age of 63. I have a wonderful husband and we loved our life together, but now it seems it’s over…every time we even try, I have a relapse that goes on and on for weeks.

        Another thing no one has mentioned is being prescribed Atarax. My gyn gave me a script for this stuff and it’s an anti-histamine, anti-anxiety med you take at bedtime. Unfortunately I have an extremely sensitive stomach and after taking this med off and on for 10 months, I ended up with gastritis (inflammation of lining of stomach), so now I have burning stomach and burning vagina. My symptoms are the same itchiness, but also burning and like someone is sticking an ice pick in me from time to time where I want to scream out. All the Estrace and Lidocaine do is put a bandaid on a heart attack so to speak. Frustration like everyone else with this is getting to be pretty bad. I now cry…there really is no relief and I’m a strong woman, but this is just way too much. I empathize and sympathize with every woman that has this horrid rotten problem. 20/20 did a show on it maybe a year ago, but like the Dr. Oz show didn’t go into enough detail…only stated that one couple hadn’t consummated their marriage for 5 years and then she finally got cured by some clinic and now they have two kids…well swell, where is the clinic?

        Any help on surgeons would be appreciated…

  4. Ginny Penniman Says:

    Do not go to Dr. Richard Marvel in Baltimore. His bedside manner is repulsive.

  5. Kelly D Says:

    Kel Nelson, I live in Florida and traveled all the way to Baltimore to resolve my VVS. I went to Dr. Richard Marvel in Baltimore and he is an amazing surgeon and Doctor. He’s not going to hold your hand or be your friend, but he will explain everything to you and tell you if he can solve your problems or not. If you are looking for bedside manner, you can find nearly any quack doctor around, but you’re problems won’t be solved. I prefer to be treated and healed. For the consoling and hand holding, I went to a sex therapist with my Husband and relied on family and friends for support. I recommend Dr. Marvel to everyone. He is the best around and without the God complex that Goldstein has and actually accepts insurance (Goldstein does not). They both trained under the guy who was the first to create and do the procedure that resolved my problem. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, email me at

  6. Kel Nelson Says:

    Thank you both. Kelly D, that sounds like a great recommendation. I stopped taking the Atarax about 5 mos. ago, but still have the gastritis problem…and recent lovemaking activity gave me a relapse that is in its 3rd or 4th week now…at any rate, I am still using Estrace 3 times a week and my girlfriend suggested I use a little touch of progesterone cream at night and in the a.m. It actually calmed the itch and burning and made life liveable. She said we can get too much imbalance of estrogen and the progesterone helps to balance out…well, honestly it really helped.

    I will e-mail you Kelly D. I’m so sick of this stuff I could scream. I traveled 2 1/2 years ago from Tennessee to Seattle, WA for a thoracic surgeon that was specialized in the Hill Posterior Gastropexy surgery for acid reflux and have been well from that ever since, so traveling is not a problem for me….

    I didn’t see any response for a long time so I thought no one was on this website anymore and now I’m so glad you’ve responded…thanks! I’d like to know about your recovery time and how it was to travel home.

  7. Shannon Says:

    Is this site still active? I have been to numerous doctors’s and believe to have Vulvodynia. Any help is much appreciated this is ruining my life……..

    • jul Says:

      Hi Shannon!
      I’m sorry – we don’t do much commenting on here, I’m afraid. The most activity happens on Facebook: Vulvar Vestibulitis Support Network.
      That is awful about doctors not giving you the validation and help you deserve and need! UGH! It’s so frustrating. It’s happening still all over the country (and in other countries, too). Please keep your chin up, and check out support groups online. Also, depending on where you live, you might consider trying to start a local support group. A few ways to do that would be posting in online groups where you live for others to join you, and print up some basic flyers about how others can get a hold of you simply to talk and share….ask your doctor(s) if they can give out your flyers to patients like you, perhaps even visit women’s clinics in your area and see if they would give out your flyers too!

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