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the chronicle of broken Vaginas, what we've done to try and fix them, and how we plan to save the World

Share Your Story with NVA! October 24, 2009

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Are You Interested in Sharing Your Story? Drs. Andrew Goldstein, Caroline Pukall and Irwin Goldstein, along with medical journalist Debra Gordon, are writing a book for women who experience painful sex. If you are interested in being interviewed, please send an e-mail to Ms. Gordon ( and answer the following questions. Your name will be kept confidential. Briefly describe your personal experience. – When did your pain begin? – What symptoms did you have? How does your pain feel now? – When did you seek help? – How many doctors did you visit? What did they tell you? – How were you finally diagnosed? How has the pain affected your relationship with your partner(s)? What treatments have you tried and how well have they worked? What advice would you give to other women who are experiencing painful sex?


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