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That Time of the Month March 23, 2009

Filed under: Life,sexual health,Women,womens health — Katie E @ 3:37 am

You’re bloated and crampy and feeling a little off. It must be that time of the month!

So I get on the scale and I look down and – OMG I JUST GAINED FIVE POUNDS!?!?! What did I eat, where did I go wrong? Did I not exercise enough?

You’ve very likely experienced this scenario before. And although you shouldn’t be paying attention to the scale anyway (we’ll leave that for another discussion) you probably are. It’s become very second nature to really hone in on that magic number the scale gives you. And for the purposes of your monthly cycle, the scale is wrong. Well . . . not wrong, but it doesn’t tell the whole truth.

Rochelle and I have been trying this ourselves for the past 6 months or so, and you can play at home. About three days before your period starts your body is in full baby-making gear, so it’s storing fat every which way. Hence, the gaining of the +/-5 pounds. And then two or three days into your cycle, once it is clear that there will be no babies, your body magically lets it all go and you return to normal. This may vary from woman to woman. You may find you have a huge jump or none at all. But if you are paying attention to the magic number, it’s good to look at why it might be doing what it’s doing. Also, It’s important to remember this for one big reason. PMS. You are already emotional to some degree, so it does not help to see that scale jump when you’ve been working really hard.

You may or may not notice differences in your vaginal pain during your cycle. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has every noticed a difference.

But now you can just breath, relax, and be happy in the knowledge that it’s just your body doing it’s job!


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