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Rain March 2, 2009

Filed under: depression,Diet/Nutrition,health,Life,Support Group,womens health — Katie E @ 5:10 am

We had a great meeting today at Pied Cow. But it’s been rainy and unpleasant, and everyone’s getting anxious for spring. I thought this advice from my friend might be good timing. Especially if you’re not feeling happy about your vagina.

From my friend Rochelle ~

Looking out my window and seeing the grey ceiling is discouraging.  Being a California girl I miss the blue skies of winter and the high clouds on a cloudy day.  The Pacific NorthWest offers a perma-ceiling, with very little cloud break, which could lead to feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, lack of motivation, or just feelings of being sad.

We have the power to combat these feelings, and we must for our winters are long in the Portland area.  The first is to set goals surrounding your activity.  Don’t just work out to be thin, there must be a specific reason, a tangible, achievable goal.  I like to set mini-goals because the feeling of success never is tiring.

Second, find some down time, a prayer and meditation room, a coffee ritual, a time to sit and read or stare out at the perma-ceiling and count all of the things you are thankful for because it does rain so much here.

Third, women need to spend time with friends talking and sharing.  We are wired to have deep sensitive conversations, and not deep funny conversations.  Call up a friend, suggest putting on layers of clothing and go for a refreshing hike, or walk in the rain or snow, or the blistering East wind.

Aside from these  fun ideas it is important to take some natural remedies to combat depression, striking it down before it strikes you down.
1)    no refined food products
2)    limit alcohol intake
3)    take cold showers (or finish your shower with a cold rinse)
4)    take vitamin D3 supplements
5)    take emergen-C (low sugar version)
6)    get enough omegas (fish oil)

As the long winter stretches on there will be more writings on depression.


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