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February Support Group A Gigantic Success! February 8, 2008

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Second Meeting at In Other Words!!!!!!! ! Feb 6, 2008!!!!


OH MY GOODNESS! That was so awesome!

So, I took notes, but there were so many new people! So I just mostly wrote down the topics that we discussed.

The new women at this meeting were Alegra, Debby. Nedra, Kristen, and Kim. I think I’m leaving someone out too. Debby’s girlfriend Lisa was there too, she was so wonderful and supportive and cool!  And Melanie came back! Yay!!!!! And Me (Katie S.), Julie, and Katie E. A naturopath, Marlene, came who has a patient who she thinks has VVS, and she wanted to know more.

 Holy cats!

Here are my notes:


*What is the name of the male version of this condition?

*Introductions So many new people!!!!!!

*Foods:   -low oxalate diet, -anti-inflammatory diet, -low sugar, no processed foods, -aggravation from coffee, alcohol, vinegar, soy sauce

*Stress as an aggravator

*Fish oil and superfood helps Nedra a lot. Can get it online.

* Meds! Who is on what? And what have we tried?-let’s get a list of all of the drugs that we have all tried for this and compare notes!


*Hormonal components (the pill? hormone replacement? other treatments involving hormones? how do these all relate?)

*Problem solving!

*Pads vs. tampons (which is the lesser of evils?)

*Chemicals! Yes or no? Chlorine? Body products? Soaps? Toilet paper?

*Endometriosis? Scaring in uterus and period accumulation on uterus walls. Also painful.

*What are our medical options?


*Doctors – who is good in Portland? Who knows about VVS?

*Partner meetings? Maybe one every few months? Where we can invite our partners.

*Melanie is awesome! She described the way to get what you need from the medical establishment… be the crazy lady on the phone! We can get what we want and need it we just demand for just treatment! And to have our questions answered!

This meeting was super empowering! There were so many of us in the room! We are all so strong! Our culmination of experiences and power is GIGANTIC!!!! !!!


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