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First Official Support Group Meeting A Success! January 3, 2008

Filed under: NVVO Events,Support Group — Katie E @ 3:18 pm

The first meeting of the… well, I’m not sure the name of it now… is it The Vagina Girls? Not sure. Anyhow, it was awesome!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!

Two new women came. It was wonderful. Julie and me got there early, and talked a bit about stuff and what the group would be like and wondered if anyone would come. And just as we started to discuss an article for Bitch Magazine… In came Kim.

She was really nice and cool and had learned about the group through the In Other Words newsletter. It was great to talk to her about her life and experiences. She had lots of questions, and since Julie and I have lots of combined experiences I think we helped her a bit. She’s thinking about seeing a doctor for the first time for this specific purpose, to see if there’s anything she can do about it. I hope we didn’t scare her with our stories. Especially me, I’m kind of forward about not having been helped by anything. But she seemed ok, and I hope she comes to the next meeting.

So the meeting format we had set up went to hell. But we just talked about our lives and experiences and stuff. And it was wonderful. There were 4 of us all together, so it seemed most appropriate to just talk. It was more personal. And, since it’s all about our vaginas (aka “Private Parts”) then everything that we say about our pain is personal, really. So it went really well. It’s so amazing to meet people who have the condition.

Melanie came in next. She’d found our website and emailed us a month or so ago. I am so forgetful of names, and didn’t realize it until later on, after talking to her a bit. She’s had problems off and on for quite a while. And a recent flare up. She just moved to town and has an appointment with Dr. LeClair soon. She is really nice and has some great ideas about how to deal with the disorder. She is so excited about the group! It’s so wonderful to talk to people who are also excited about this! It’ll be great to talk to her more too. She is excited about the International Women’s Day tabling, and other stuff like that. She seems really proactive and I am glad to have her on our team.

YAY!!!!!!! Next month is going to be so good! I put one of our fliers up with our meeting time on the bookstores bulletin board, and a few pamphlets on their resource shelf with the meeting time written on them. I left one of my zines with them to see if they want to carry it. And it always takes time for things to build up. I think next month there will be more people.

I came up with a new term for myself right before the meeting. I am a Vagina Nerd. For real!!! I get such a kick out of helping people and talking about my vagina with people who know what I’m talking about. Hooray!!!!!! !

Oh I am so excited! I am having trouble calming down after that meeting.

We will continue to have our Portland meetings on the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting with be February 6 at 7 p.m. at In Other Words Bookstore.

Love, Katie S.


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