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Thank you to Vaginas Everywhere! November 22, 2007

Filed under: Body Image,Life,Women — Katie E @ 1:41 am

During this time of Thanks and triptophan comas we’re often asked to spew forth what we are thankful for. I just got done watching a film called Breasts: A Documentary, which features women of all shapes and sizes and ages, topless, talking about breasts. It was fabulous. But it made me think about body image and all of that jazz.

As women with a condition that, to say the least, that causes a general feeling of resentment towards our womanly bits, it’s hard to say that we’re indeed thankful for them. In general, humans are not interested in thanking someone or something that causes them pain, isolation, and relationship problems. So I thought I would take this time to not only thank my vagina, but thank my body. I don’t think I give it enough positive attention. So this is the one day where I will make it positive and say, “Thanks Vagina!”

Ode To My Body doveproage.jpgand Womanly Vagina Bits

I’m thankful for my vagina because it is unique like me. It looks, tastes, and smells like me. I’m thankful for my ass. I’m a pack rat, what can I say? I like the junk in my trunk. My shoulder muscles have always been big, which is weird, but I like how it looks. I have laugh lines. I hope they don’t go away. I do love my breasts, they fit me perfectly, and are nice to hold onto sometimes for comfort. I’m thankful for my menstruation cycle. It reminds me I am a woman and the power of life I hold within me, whether I choose to create it or not. I am thankful for my vulvar vestibulitis. It has made me realize what a precious gift a healthy vagina is, and I will never take my vagina for granted again. My vagina is a thing to be reckoned with, and though I cannot change my vvs, I can change the way I, and women, view their vaginas. Because of my vvs I have a relationship (good and bad) that most women will never have with their vaginas. And I am very thankful for that.


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